Placing an Order

Is the FastCars WEB site compatible with Tablets and Phones?

“Yes”. We have re-designed our Web Site so you are able to also use your Tablet or Phone to browse and place orders

Why doesn’t my selected item register in the Shopping cart when I select them?

You may have a browser that requires updating. Please note these are Free.

  • For the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer browser please click here.
  • For the latest Firefox Browser please click here.
When I went to pay for my order by Credit Card on-line I was unable to connect to the secure site. (You may have also received an error message.)

Your personal internet settings may be imposing some form of security including but not restricted to not allowing a Web site to shell out to another site. Try temporarily changing your internet secure settings to allow access.

How can I print my order?

After placing an order, you will receive a confirmation email which you can print for your records. To see your orders at any time, please login and got to “My Account”.

Placing Method

What methods are available for me to pay for my order?

Individual Templates, upgrades and Packages are instantly downloadable once paid.

Payment is by credit card Visa & MasterCard.

Returns & Faults

Can I return a product if I do not require it anymore?
Empty section. Edit page to add content here.

As the products sold by FastCars are electronic files a return of the item(s) is not accepted.

What should I do if I find a fault with an item?

Please report to us via phone or email if you believe a Template is not how it was represented by name or is compatible with the preview file on the web site.

We will endeavour to rectify the file and re-supply. If this is not possible we will at our discretion refund the amount specific to the faulty file only.

If you believe there are inaccuracies in dimensions with the template please contact us and if possible we will endeavour to modify the template.

Please make sure you have also read our “Terms & Conditions”


All items are downloadable… if however you are unable to download an item please contact us and we will make arrangements for you to receive the item via another medium.