Starter Pack Lite 2024

Starter Pack Lite 2024

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Refer to the "Master List" of vehicles click here- to see what is included with your purchase. A pdf file with the Vehicle List will either open in a new window or download in your download directory

This Starter Pack Lite includes:

2021 Template range through to our Current 2024 templates.


This applies when a purchase is made of the FULL PACK – STARTER PACK - STARTER PACK LITE 

With any of the above listed purchases any vehicle template(s) added to our list for a further 12 months from the date of your purchase will be provided to you at no additional cost.

(conditions apply—see below)

This package is a cost effective way to obtain a substantial amount of vehicle templates.

If you need a template earlier than the ones in this Package, these can be downloaded as individual Templates for minimal cost or very old templates can be downloaded for free...

This purchase should satisfy the large majority of vehicle template requirements you have. It works out at under $10 per template

Conditions of BONUS Offer:

# applies for ONLY an additional 12 Months from the date when the Pack is purchased.

# Applies to all vehicle(s) added to our list during that 12 month period.

# vehicles added to our list (if any) are at the discretion of FastCars and are not at the request of a customer.

# We will contact you with a download link using your supplied email address- If you   become aware of a new template and have not received a link please contact us.